Restoring hope

During this past financial year, Community Chest shared the same challenges as everyone else in the world. The Lockdown has had a devastating impact on our country and the worst affected is the destitute and vulnerable in our communities.


SOUP KITCHENS/INDIVIDUALS: The need has become bigger as families try to survive. Nearly half of our population lives in poverty. Hunger and food security have also worsened during this pandemic.  In addition, food costs have increased during the crisis. Community Chest plays a vital role in supporting our community in the areas of feeding and supplying of essential services.

We have aligned with credible partners who are strategically situated in areas around Nelson Mandela Bay and are able to reach the vulnerable community members in the most desolate areas. Please support us to continue helping those that receive no income due to unemployment, retrenchments and illness during this devastating time. Go to the Donate button and pledge your support.

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