We need your help!

Did you know according to The Mercury “In Durban a basket of basic food for a household of seven in the month of December was R40 46.17. An increase of 3.5% over the three month leading up to December.”

The daily lives of people all around the world has changed dramatically since the announcement of the deadly COVID 19 Virus in 2020.

This had a devastating impact on our country and the worst affected by the lockdown is the destitute and vulnerable in our communities. Hunger and Food security have worsened during the pandemic.

Community Chest plays a vital role in supporting our community in the areas of feeding and supplying of essential services. However in order to provide disadvantage communities with the support they need, we need you!

Families are struggling to make ends meet. According to Cassey Chambers, Sadag’s operations director, “In South Africa, there are 23 recorded suicides a day, and for every suicide there are a further 20 attempted suicides.”

Community Chest of the Eastern Cape want to become a region of hope and the only way to do that is to get support from our corporates , public and individuals.  Let’s do 2021 together!!!

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